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Whole Person Approach
to holistic healing and wellness

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Mt. Lebanon, Bethel Park, Upper St. Clair, Peters, Bridgeville, Washington

The body is super complicated. 
We came from one cell.
It's all connected.

Biochemical, biomechanical, bioelectrical, biomagnetic, biofield

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The Whole Person Approach evaluates your whole being!  It will attempt to get your body and your brain on the same page!  It will explore the following and their influence on the body and mind:

- the musculoskeletal and fascial systems,

- the nervous system,

- visceral organs,

- neurovascular areas,

- habits and patterns,

- behaviors and emotions, and

- breathing.


Why consider the Whole Person Approach?

- You are trying to get to the bottom of "it".

- You have tried the typical methods without getting to where you want to go.

- You are stuck.

- You don't buy what others might be suggesting.

People have been down some long roads for sure. 


If you are willing to explore a bit more and be an active participant in your healing journey,

the whole person approach may help you discover more about your body and mind and get you moving in the right direction.

Please remember your body is working FOR you, not against you.  It has super creative and intelligent ways of compensating to keep you going, until those compensations are not as successful any longer.

I am here to help facilitate healing by listening to the body and its many messages and restore a natural healing state by taking into account the nervous system and protective patterns while also guiding you in self-care, body awareness, and lifestyle strategies. 


The end goal is for you to recongnize what your body needs and being able to be self-sufficient and resilient as much as possible.








The main methodologies used for the Whole Person Approach are:

Tensegrity Medicine


Missy Bunch/Movement IQ

Quantum Science/Medicine - ummm shall we start with Albert Einstein? (seriously though, start with grounding and light!)

Learning so much about this! Do you know
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