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Whole Person Approach

This is holistic wellness care.

The body is super complicated. 
We came from one cell.
It's all connected.

Biochemical, biomechanical, bioelectrical, biomagnetic, biofield

The Whole Person Approach is based off of 3 main methodogies:

Tensegrity Medicine (Kelly Clancy)

MovementRev (Anna Hartman)

Quantum Science (ummm, shall we begin with Albert Einstein?)

This approach evaluates your whole being!  It will explore the following and their influence on the body:

- the musculoskeletal and fascial systems,

- the nervous system,

- visceral organs,

- neurovascular areas,

- habits and patterns,

- behaviors and emotions, and

- breathing.

This approach looks at you with multiple lenses and may help connect the dots to get you feeling better.  

Tensegrity MedicineTM

Tensegrity comes from the terms "tension" and "integrity." Biotensegrity refers to the tension and integrity of biological tissues and it explains how flowers and trees can survive in windy conditions and remain relatively upright.  Biotensegrity also explains how humans stay upright in gravity and organize their structure.  

Fascia plays a key role in biotensegrity.  (Check out more about fascia.)  A quick description is that it is a 3-D spider web-like network throughout our body that connects EVERYTHING and also allows communication on many levels. 

Assuming there is optimal health, the fascial network in each one of us is masterfully shaped by our lifestyle habits and belief systems and usually adapts to our daily life giving us resiliency in our bodily systems.

Tensegrity MedicineTM is an approach for assessing and treating the whole person based on a biotensegrity paradigm.  Tensegrity Medicine methods will help 3 dimensionally balance our fascial network of tension and compression and unveil our full potential for human functioning.  


What does this mean for you?

Some individuals have been told to "deal" with it or "it's your age".  More than likely their fascia has not been fully explored to determine where the area of restriction/s is/are which cause increased tension in other areas.  We are one big piece of connective tissue.


Learning so much about this! Do you know

Above is a biotensegrity model and it represents our architecture in all scales of the body - molecular, tissue, organs. It is held together by tension and compression. The tension and compression influences mechanical and biochemical effects in our body.

“Fascia is the organ of posture. The body is a web of fascia. A spiderweb is in a plane. This web is in a sphere. We can trace the lines of that web to get an understanding of how what we see in a body works.” - Ida P. Rolf, PhD

If you have 12 minutes, please check out this video which will help explain these concepts.


MovementRev's belief system is to listen to the body's wisdom and restore a natural healing state by taking into account protection patterns, organs, and nervous system influences on the body.  In addition, guiding a person in self-care and awareness are key for them to attain body agency and body ownership with the end goal of self-sufficiency and resiliency.

Key topics:


Nervous system

Polyvagal Theory




Resting Postures and Movement from the Ground

Contractile Fields

HA Points

Foundational Movements

Check out Anna on her website or her social media platforms.




Quantum Science

Well, since I mentioned Einstein above... He said, "If you can't explain it to a 6 year old, you don't understand it yourself."

I will do my best here.

Ever notice nature when lightening strikes the earth it leaves a path that is similar to trees or our vessels or how a nebula and fetus are similar looking? It is self-organizing to optimize space and use energy efficiently to maintain harmony.

What is the driver that allows you to grow from when the egg and sperm meet, develop into a fetus then to a 90 year old person?

light and mitochondria - think photosynthesis kinda but in humans

Take this one step further, ever wonder why professionals say to eat local and seasonal?  (meaning if you live in New England area in the US, do not eat fresh strawberries in January)  Those strawberries contain information from the light where they were grown, likely California or Mexico.  Eating those fresh strawberries in New England in January is non-native and may cause confusing body signals. For the record, I prefer non-native strawberries in January over Cheetos. Light information is transferred in many different ways.

We are receivers/antennas of light.  What are you receiving more of - blue light from your devices or UV light from the sun?

For more learning fun, here are some terms to explore.

Circadian biology

Fibonacci numbers

Golden ratios


Quantum tunneling

Quantum entanglement

Higgs field






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