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Massage, Bodywork, & MOvement Methods



Whole Body Approach - approximately 90 - 120+ minutes ($125 initial session; $80 follow ups; $250 for 3 session package)


Light Touch Manual Therapy - 60 minute session ($80 initial session; $70 follow ups; $200 for 3 session package)




Massage - 30 minutes ($40), 60 minutes ($70) or 90 minutes ($100); 3 sessions of 1 hour massage package ($190)

                * Memberships available. Inquire within.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - (Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist)

Relaxation/Swedish - geared towards relaxation with lighter touch and slower strokes

Therapeutic - combination of massage techniques geared towards your area of concerns

Reflexology - 30 minutes ($40) - specific techniques applied to your feet based on Eastern Medicine

Movement Potential - Book a discovery call to find out more information!

To schedule online, please use the Calendly link to the right or use this link:

Thank you for your patience.

To book a free 15 minute discovery call or to book an appointment by phone or text:

To save time during your first session, please complete the intake form prior to your visit.

Please download and bring the completed document to your first appointment.
Thank you.

“Walking is man's best medicine.”


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