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Movement Methods
serving McMurray & Canonsburg, and other areas of the South Hills

Want to feel better in general?

Want to move better or more efficiently?

"Care for it to keep it." (Katy Bowman)

For all active humans, especially those who physically use their bodies a lot (athletes, weekend warriors, and the like), to feel and move better.

Self care that consists of:

- Guided self-massage and self-awareness so you can learn to take care of your body and recover from strenuous exercise

- Assisted stretching


Specific strategies to add additional sensory input to your system by focusing on: 

- Feet

- Breath

- Spine

- Cranial nerves

- Nervous/lymph/visceral

and more!

Please book a discovery call if interested!

Lucia-Health-Cheryl- Ferris-trunk-rotation-with-WS.jpg
Lucia-Health-Cheryl- Ferris-hip-mobility-franklin-ball-2.jpg
Lucia-Health-Cheryl- Ferris-divinci-roll-prone-to-supine.jpg
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