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Bowenwork Therapy

also serving Mt. Lebanon, Bethel Park, Upper St. Clair, Peters, Bridgeville, Washington

What is Bowenwork®?

Bowenwork, as it is called here in the US, is a gentle, soft tissue technique applied in specific areas, such as acupuncture points, motor points, and neurolymphatic points.  After the technique is applied, rest periods will be given for the body and brain to communicate.


Bowenwork can assist in deep relaxation, and change soft tissue tension leading the body to self-healing and self-regulation.  

Bowenwork® Benefits:


It helps infants to elderly before and after surgery, recent and chronic injuries, relaxation, support during chiropractic care, physical therapy, and other health care in addition to the following conditions:

  • Orthopedic Conditions - acute and chronic

    • Neck and back pain- sciatica, spinal stenosis, vertebral disc

    • Head - TMJ, tinnitus, concussion

    • Upper extremity -  frozen shoulder, elbow pain, tennis/golfer/little league elbow, wrist pain, carpal tunnel, trigger finger, etc.

    • Lower extremity -  piriformis syndrome, plantar fasciitis, bunions, knee tendinitis, etc. 

    • Miscellaneous - arthritic pain

  • Respiratory Conditions

    • Asthma​

    • Allergies

    • Nasal/sinus trouble

  • Digestive

    • Irritable bowel syndrome​ - diarrhea, constipation

    • Leaky gut syndrome

  • Reproductive

    • Incontinence​

    • Infertility

    • PMS, menopause, heavy/painful periods

    • Hormonal problems

    • Pregnancy

    • Prostrate problems

  • Circulatory

    • Fibromyalgia​

    • Lymphedema

    • Heart rate variability

    • Blood pressure regulation

* there are only a few contraindications, which are certain procedures for certain circumstances. 

  • Neurological

    • Multiple Sclerosis​

    • Migrane/headache

    • Bell's palsy

    • Meziere's disease/vertigo

  • Psychological

    • ​ADD/ADHD

    • Anxiety/stress

    • Depression

  • Infant/Child problems  

    • Colic 

    • Sleep-related problems 

    • Bed wetting

  • General 

    • Fatigue

    • Post-operative recovery

    • Post-chemotherapy recovery

More about Bowenwork® :

Bowenwork® is non-invasive, gentle, and safe for all ages and all levels of fitness.

Bowenwork® does not hurt like deep tissue massage may and it does not require oil or lotion.  During Bowenwork®  the client remains clothed and will lie on a table or sit on a chair or stand.


It also can be used with other therapies, preferably spaced apart appropriately.  It is nice support while undergoing chiropractic care, physical therapy, or other types of health care. Bowenwork® can also be a complimentary therapy to other therapies such as chemotherapy.


Bowenwork® can also help to destress, relax, and recalibrate by engaging the autonomic nervous system ("rest and digest") and this state of being is where healing happens. 

Bowenwork® may also improve sleep, which then helps to restore and renew our brain and body.  If you can sleep consistently, uninterrupted, and an adequate length of time, healing and renewing can take place leading to a much healthier life.   
 If you want a Bowenwork® session to relax and reset your nervous system as part of a self-care routine, that is a great choice to support self care!

What does a Bowenwork® session entail?

The Bowenwork® is performed while the client is lying on a table, seated or in some cases standing.  It is preferred if the person wears/brings light weight clothing. You may or may not feel sensations during the session and this is normal.


After a Bowenwork® session, the practitioner will instruct you to “walk, water, and wait” meaning hydrate the soft tissue by drinking water, keep moving every 30 minutes until it is time for bed, and wait while the work integrates the next few days.  It is possible to be stiff, sore, or have a headache after Bowenwork®.  This is a sign that the brain and body responded to the work and to not get discouraged that feeling worse came before feeling better.  It is also the reason that it may take several sessions to feel improvement.  Sometimes practitioners will also recommend changes to posture, environment, diet, and exercises (such as to not lift heavy weights in resistance training) to reinforce the Bowenwork®. 

After a Bowenwork® session, one of the most common effects is the feeling of well-being and calmness. Usually one session is not enough to address the complex layers and history of the body.  For this reason and more, we suggest weekly visits with the goal of spreading them farther apart as your body adjusts.  (There is a 3 session package available with this purpose in mind.)


Are Bowenwork® practitioners all the same?

Certified Bowenwork® Practitioners from the American Bowen Academy were all trained in the same methods, however some practitioners will vary in their technique.  Certified Bowenwork® Practitioners are required to have continuing education credits.

History of Bowenwork®

Bowenwork®, or Bowtech® (Bowen Technique) as it is called in Australia, was developed by Thomas Ambrose Bowen, who was born in 1916, in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. From the 1950’s until his death in1982, he developed his soft tissue therapeutic technique that is strongly rooted in osteopathic medicine and Japanese acupuncture concepts. 

Mr. Bowen’s work is now taught in over 30 countries in the world.  Eventually his work led to treating animals, which sparked what is now called Equine Muscle Release Therapy (EMRT) and Cat and Canine Muscle Release Therapy (CCMRT).  


Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia was accepted into the British Complimentary Medicine Association in 1993 and Bowenwork is recognized by the Canadian Naturopathic Association and by the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners and the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians in the US.


For more information please go the the U.S. Academy at Bowenwork® Academy USA.


Bowenwork practitioners do not diagnose or treat and Bowenwork is not a cure.  Bowenwork practitioners assess clients' concerns and facilitate deep relaxation and balance in the body which assists the body to heal itself.  Please consult your physician for any serious conditions or concerns.

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