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Light Touch Manual Therapy

                Bowenwork    &    Craniosacral Therapy         

serving McMurray & Canonsburg,
and other areas of the South Hills of Pittsburgh

No "No Pain No Gain" here.

When we are gentle, the body listens.

These modalities address the fascia of the body, which is a 3 dimensional spider web throughout your body that connects everything!  It's a super highway of information and it can get twisted or kinked in this crazy life we live. Click here my friend to learn more.

These modalities can be used to:

  • reduce pain,

  • improve function by balancing and organizing soft tissue,

  • increase blood and lymph flow.

This approach will discuss self-care and lifestyle strategies to help keep you moving in the right direction.

WHAT TO WEAR OR BRING: t-shirt and shorts or loose fitting clothing for these sessions.

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