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Light Touch Manual Therapy

"No Pain No Gain" is out and "Tend and Mend" is in!

Please don't poo poo the power of light touch therapies.  Think of your body like a teenager - the more you yell at it, the more it eye rolls and retreats to the bedroom and slams the door. 
When we are gentle, the body listens.

This approach addresses your body's fascia system. What is fascia? Its a 3 dimensional spider web throughout your body that connects everything!  It's a super highway of information and can get twisted or kinked in this crazy life we live. Click here my friend to learn more.

This approach involves a fascia assessment and whole body treatment unique to you using:

- Bowenwork - Yep, it's not well known in these parts but it is in other areas of the US and world.  Light touch cross fiber moves applied to specific points (neurolymphatic, meridians/acupuncture points, etc.) followed by integration time for the body and the brain to communicate.  Click here my friend to learn more.

- Craniosacral - You've got rhythm! That fluid flowing around your brain and spinal cord and your fascia can affect your flow.  Click here my friend to learn more.

- Myofascial - This is the term the industry is familiar with.... I would call is fascia movement at the time being.  Thi is slow, light touch pressure applied over various areas to unkink your 3D web of fascia.  Not to be confusing, but it can be combined with other work like the above or lymphatic massage.



These will help:

- reduce pain,

- improve function and posture by balancing and organizing soft tissue,

- increase blood and lymph flow,

- increase body awareness and body-mind connection.

This approach will discuss self-care and lifestyle strategies to help keep you moving in the right direction.

WHAT TO WEAR OR BRING: t-shirt and shorts or loose fitting clothing for these sessions.

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