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Whole Person Approach

Have your tried many things? Scans are negative?
Told "live with it", "it's your age"?

If you are willing to look at things differently and give it the "old college try" (meaning you are an active participant in your healing journey and will try more than once because the body is super complicated), I would be honored to work with you.

This approach evaluates your whole being, even if you came in for knee pain because your knee bones are connected to your ankle, foot, and hip, and then your pelvis, spine, and ribs. 


It also looks beyond the musculoskeletal system to explore the influence of:

- the nervous system (overall state, tension, and function),

- visceral organs (yep, if your liver isn't happy, it will decrease joint movement),

- fascial system (your 3-D spider web holding you together)

- neurovascular areas (blood flow is a good thing)

- habits and patterns (that old injury may have created smart work arounds at the time, but they may be getting in the way now)

- behaviors and emotions (can't separate the body and the mind; Eastern Medicine philosophies; body-mind techniques)


- breathing (when your breath is full your body can flow; kinda why after surgery the hospital makes you blow into that device before you leave).


This approach involves targeted treatment and movement therapies unique to you that will help:

- reduce pain,

- improve function and posture by balancing and organizing soft tissue,

- increase blood and lymph flow,

- increase body awareness and body-mind connection.


This approach will discuss self-care and lifestyle strategies to help keep you moving in the right direction.


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