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Cheryl Ferris, PhD, LAT, ATC

Certified Bowenwork Practitioner

Student of Tensegrity MedicineTM

FMT Certified Movement Specialist

Working as a certified/licensed athletic trainer early in my career, I was privileged to witness and be trusted by athletes and physically active individuals to immediately care for their injury and rehabilitate them to full recovery.  The blessing of earning 3 degrees, finishing with my PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in 2003, allowed me to practice and teach the biomechanical paradigm in orthopedic health care and provided me great insight into the medical model and research worlds.  As a life long learner, I enjoy continuing to expand my knowledge and perspectives on the human body and nature.  Struggling with health issues is what led me to become a Certified Bowenwork® Practitioner in 2018 as it provided me with the healing I needed to recover from GI issues.  Practicing Bowenwork® has further opened my mind and lead me to studying fascia and the biotensegrity paradigm of the human body, which treats the body in its wholeness.  I continued that learning journey of the connective tissue system and am currently studying craniosacral therapy and completing a mentorship in Tensegrity Medicine and MovementREV.  I also anticipate continuing learning other like-minded practices.  By combining all of this information from the past and present, I am excited to offer these perspectives to help you not only to organize your structure to optimize function and navigate health but also to help you understand the connection between the body and mind and the world we live in. 


The Natural Touch Wellness Studio

3150 Washington Road, 2nd floor

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Cheryl Ferris, PhD, LAT, ATC

Certified Bowenwork Practitioner

FMT Certified Movement Specialist

Tel: 412-225-4929

Email: info@bowenworkforwellness.com

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