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Cheryl Ferris,
Founder of Lucia Health

Lucia is the female, Italian/Latin/Spanish name for light.  
Health is the absence of disease.  

My love of sunlight and all of its healing properties and power is why I named this business Lucia Health.  With that said, you just may get a recommendation to spend more time outdoors!

Lucia Health will help you shine your light on the self-healing and self-regulating innate wisdom of the body to guide you back to health.  You are unique and deserve a whole body and mind individualized approach to heal and thrive.  

I look forward to meeting you and helping you along your healing journey.  

Lucia-Health-Cheryl- Ferris-foot-motion_
Hi, I'm Cheryl

I am so happy you arrived here!  I will start with the boring things such as I graduated college a long time ago!  I love learning and expanding my knowledge and perspectives on the human body and nature.


I am a licensed athletic trainer and massage therapist.  Being active is what led me to become an athletic trainer and becoming ill with GI issues and low back pain is what led me to become a Bowenwork practitioner and massage therapist.  We came from one cell! It's all connected!

I have been on a healing journey for a long time and believe the body is simply amazing.  My words fall short when I try to explain the body's wisdom and its ability to heal itself. I feel very lucky I found people and techniques at the times I did because it led me to where I am today with a deep appreciation for these body suits we get to walk around with during our time here on earth. 


If someone asked me what helped me the most during my healing journey, I would say awareness and exploration!  I am here as your hope dealer and body listener and to tell you that you are already whole. 


#5 ennegram

nature lover

outdoor enthusiast


care giver - Type 1 diabetes

Cheryl Ferris, PhD, LAT, ATC, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist
Certified Bowenwork Practitioner
Licensed/Certified Athletic Trainer

Tensegrity MedicineTM Practitioner
FMT Certified Movement Specialist

Professional Organization Memberships

American Bowen Academy

American Massage Therapy Association

National Athletic Trainers Association

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Facebook: @luciahealth4u
IG: @luciahealth4u

I am truly honored to help shepherd this text into the future starting with the 8th edition.  It was passed off by great professionals - Ronald Pfeiffer and Brent Mangus.  Thanks to JBL for continuing this text.


This is a great resource for parents/guardians, coaches, and educators/admininstrators who find themselves in a role of a care provider for physically active individuals.

Ferris Concepts of Athletic Training

Concepts of Athletic Training 8th Edition

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