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Lucia Health at Natural Touch Wellness Studio

Massage, Bodywork, &
Movement Methods

in McMurray, PASouth Hills of Pittsburgh

Conveniently Located off Rt. 19

Health, Healing, or Simply Relaxation,
It's All Connected!!

Hi there! I am Cheryl.

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It's so nice to meet you!

I believe dis-ease in the body (and mind, because you can't separate them) is complicated.  It's not from 1 system or 1 body part alone.

You are like an onion with many layers.

You are human and have thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that shape you.

You are a sensory and energetic being living in an environment.


I am here to see you through many different lenses and be your guide back to health and well-being!


For pain, orthopedic conditions, GI issues, fatigue, post-operative swelling, headaches, and more!

Lucia Health honors your body's wisdom and helps you to restore, reset, and renew.

 If you are ready, book online now. 
Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.
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What clients are saying...
Marble Surface
Marble Surface


“I had adjusted to chronic pain that I experienced for almost 3 years.  I do not have a serious injury. However, extensive exercise and favoring one side of my body resulted in constant knee pain and leg pain on my right side.  It was impossible to sit in one position for too long.  The throbbing and aching made me restless and I could not find a comfortable position.  Hopeful that a more natural remedy could help, I was interested in trying Bowenwork.  This treatment was effective and after a series of treatments I had significant relief.  I was amazed to be sitting still without throbbing pain.  Also, the repair lasted.”

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Cheryl is the best!  I went to her with a lot of hip pain. She thoroughly examined my body and my symptoms and was very friendly and patient. After my appointment, I immediately noticed the level of my pain had instantly improved. I thought she did an amazing job and was very knowledgeable on the Bowen techniques. I would definitely give her a 5 star rating.

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Cheryl is amazing and the methods described do work!! Give it a try... you will feel better and see improvement!

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