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A holistic approach of whole person care.  

Why Is Your Environment Important to Your Healing?

Both the external environment to us and the internal environment of ourselves are critical to our wellbeing.  Just like we know it's helpful to surround ourselves with good people, community, and food, we also know we cannot live well if we are exposed to environmental stressors - air pollution, contaminated water, pesticides, and other environmental toxins.  You can think of it like a fish can't thrive in murky, contaminated water.  The internal environment is just as important to our wellbeing.  If we have negative self talk or thoughts that do not serve us, the result can be poor habits, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, poor posture leading to physical tension, stress, etc.  

You cannot become well in the same environment you became ill/injured in.  In order to feel better, change is necessary and most of the time change is hard because we have to force ourselves to do new habits.  Be good to yourself. Healing is an inside job! KEEP CHOOSING YOU!


Doing the following things are not selfish but rather are part of self care.   We are all works in progress.  What can you improve in your daily routine?  Do the best you can to meet those goals. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day, so make small attainable goals!  You can do it!

1. Hydrate !  Our cells need it!  This not only means water but it means chemistry too like sodium, magnesium, etc. to help with cellular communication!  Try to drink one more glass of water a day if you are not getting enough fluids in your day.

2. Keep your body moving! (Don't stay in one position for too long.  For example, students who study at a desk for hours, please try to change your position often - stand and study, lie on your belly and study, etc.)  Set a timer for 30 minutes and adjust your position.

3. Eat well - focus on organic and non-GMO fruits and veggies.  Eat the color of the rainbow every day!  Diversity!  Choose to focus on one meal/snack at a time to make it healthy.  Before the food goes into your mouth, ask yourself, "How will this benefit my body and mind?"

4. De-stress - spend 15 minutes a day in nature, be social (face to face), spend time in silence so you can stop thinking, breathe through your nose, sing and dance, or do Qi Gong.

5.  Sleep - our bodies do so much when we sleep.  We regererate and restore our bodies during sleep.  Our mood, cardiovascular health, appetite, immune system, and brain function depends on good sleep habits.  Ever wonder why college students get sick during finals week?  Too many all nighters!  Weight gain has been linked to poor sleep.  Try to get your circadian rhythm back on track by seeing the sunrise and sunset every day.  Limit your device/TV time 2 or so hours before bed.

6. Observe yourself - notice what triggers your emotions and spend time contemplating or journaling about them.  Maybe you notice a particular pattern you can trace back into your youth, maybe you can observe similar characteristics within your family, or maybe you need to allow the emotion to surface for it to be digested or integrated.

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