Bowenwork® alone can help many conditions as it is rooted in osteopathic and eastern medicine. See Link. ( )
At times we do not have ailments but we need to destress, relax, and recalibrate. Similar to how massage can be de-stressing, Bowenwork® also provides a deep sense of relaxation by engaging the autonomic nervous system ("rest and digest") and this state of being is where healing happens.  Bowenwork's ability to engage the "rest and digest" part of the nervous system also improves sleep!  So many restorative and renewing processes happen in our brain and body when we sleep, and when it is disturbed, those important processes are also interrupted.  If you can sleep consistently, uninterrupted, and adequate length of time, healing and renewing can take place leading to a much healthier life.   
If you just want a Bowenwork® session to reset your nervous system, that is perfectly fine!

What does a Bowenwork® session entail?

The first Bowenwork® session involves taking a full history of the client - current medications, past history of falls, surgeries, conditions, tried treatments, lifestyle, etc., and the current signs and symptoms of the complaints.  All information is confidential.

The Bowenwork® is performed while the client is lying on a table, seated or in some cases standing.  All work is performed over light weight clothing however at times the practitioner may ask to move an article of clothing such as a bra strap to allow for greater contact.  Ideally the environment should be warm with dim lighting and conversation should be limited to treatment specific concerns to help calm the body.  It is important to have as little mental distractions as possible during the treatment so the cortex of the brain can effectively provide the body with feedback.


Bowenwork® consists of “moves” on specific areas of the body followed by rest periods to allow the body to integrate the input. The rest periods will vary in time based on the condition/s and person’s sensitivity.  While the client is resting, they may experience sensations of heat, tingling, numbness, pressure as if the move is still being applied, changed emotions, or other sensations.  It is important that these sensations resolve before more moves are applied so please let the practitioner know if you are still experiencing sensations.  


After a Bowenwork® session, the practitioner will instruct you to “walk, water, and wait” meaning hydrate the soft tissue by drinking plenty of water for the rest of the day and days after Bowenwork®, keep moving every 30 minutes until it is time for bed on the day of Bowenwork®, and wait the next few days to feel the changes Bowenwork® can make.  It is possible to be stiff, sore, or have a headache after Bowenwork®.  This is a sign that the brain and body started responding and to not get discouraged that feeling worse came before feeling better.  It is also the reason that it may take several sessions to feel improvement.  Sometimes practitioners will also recommend changes to posture, environment, diet, and exercises to reinforce the Bowenwork®.  Bowenwork® practitioners will also refer to a qualified registered dietician and/or nutritionist or appropriate physician, chiropractor, natural path doctor, etc. 


Bowenwork® practitioners will also ask you to refrain from extreme temperatures, such as hot packs and ice packs, and other manipulative therapy such as chiropractic care, massage, and acupuncture, which may interfere with the sensory input from Bowenwork® for at least 5 days before and after Bowenwork®.


How long will it take for me to feel better?

A session may last about 1 hour depending on how the client responds.  Clients typically report a great night's sleep and sense of relaxation after the first session.  Each session is spaced 5-10 days apart depending on the age and condition.  It is hard to predict how many sessions are needed.  Typically for a condition/injury that has been present for years, it will take more time to work through than a recent or acute injury/condition.  Everyone is different in their healing process as age, stress, lifestyle, genetics, etc. all play a part in healing.  The "number of visits" maybe less than the number spent at other treatment options.

What can I do to help recovery after a Bowenwork® session?

As mentioned before, the practitioner will instruct you to "walk, water, and wait." This is suggested to help hydrate the soft tissue and move waste products.  Performing the suggested exercises or posture adjustments may help your recovery as well and prevent the problem from getting worse or returning.  

Can I exercise after a Bowenwork® session?

YES.  Practitioners will ask you to "walk" or keep moving after a Bowenwork® session and it is OK to moderately exercise as well.  We recommend that you do not lift heavy weights (strength training) for a few days after a session as the body accommodates new patterns.

Are Bowenwork® practitioners all the same?

Certified Bowenwork® Practitioners from the American Bowen Academy were all trained in the same methods, however some practitioners will vary in their technique.  Certified Bowenwork® Practitioners are required to have continuing education credits.