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health care.

What would it be like if you:
- committed to yourself every month?
- moved better?
- felt better?

Your body is the only one you get on these trips around the sun.

Whether you:

- sit at a desk or stand all day, or

- run after kids all day, or

- do not feel 100%, or

- push yourself at the gym,...

take care of you

If you take care of you, there will be more of you to go around for those you love.

We were taught:
- brush your teeth & hair
- cut your nails
- wash your hands
- shower
- sleep
- eat good food
- move your body daily (maybe)
We were NOT taught:
- self-care strategies (ie. brain and body breaks)
- body sensations and their meaning

- to schedule self-care time
- care for our bodies with bodywork, either by a professional or by ourselves


Do one or a few of these describe you?

  • You do everything for everyone and put yourself last on your list.

  • You seem to beat your body up from intense physical training or from house and yard chores best done by younger folks.

  • You have an intense job and find it hard to chill-lax.

  • You are a care-taker/giver.

  • You have been hurt and can't see your doctor or physical therapist or chiropractor right away. 

  • You have been discharged from physical therapy and you aren't back to where you want to be. (Don't be mad at the physical therapist, it's likely insurance that cut you off.)

  • You are a human living in this crazy world.

There are lots of reasons to invest in yourself!

The one that matters the most is that:


(Thanks for the reminder L'OREAL)

Want to focus on self-care?

Life happens. 

It's rough out there. 


Whether you need:

  • Customized massage or lymphatic massage,

  • Bowenwork or craniosacral tune up,

  • Want to move better with a mobility session, or

  • Need a focused body stretch (I find the sticky spots and we work together).


I got you!

As a massage therapist, I work with your body and meet it where it is at by:

1. soothing your nervous system so you might feel better and get some relief,

2. finding the areas you are protecting and working with them, and

3. showing you new ways of being in the world.

The Deets

- Sessions are 1 hour each. (12 or 6 sessions)

- Anyone in the family can use the package.  (Spouses and kids need some love too, but don't forget about YOURself.)

You can gift this, but don't forget about YOUR self-care.

- Schedule once a month or however you want to spread them out.
(Available to schedule: weekday working hours and 1-2 weekends/month and Monday & Tuesday evenings).

- Sorry, no refunds.  The point is for you to commit to yourself.  Life gets busy I get it. Consider this the motivation you need to schedule yourself into your schedule. 
(*under extenuating circumstances, a refund or transfer will be considered.)

- Need to use all of this package in 2024.

- You can use FSA or HSA if you can use it as a credit card (through Square).

- If you have a significant injury, you can use this package however you like.  For example, lymphatic massage can help with swelling.

12 sessions in 2024 for $949.
(3 payments of $316.33)

6 sessions in 2024 for $475.

I did the math for you, that's less than $80/session!


Yes Please!
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