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Pre & post surgery Lymphatic Drainage Massage
serving Peters, Upper St. Clair, Mt. Lebanon

Why Use Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Pre- and Post-Surgery?

This type of massage helps promote lymph fluid movement and reduce swelling associated with injury or post-surgery.  Having less swelling before and after surgery can help speed recovery, reduce pain, and increase range of motion.  Consider scheduling 2 massages per week for 3 weeks starting after your first post-operative follow up visit with your doctor.  One session is beneficial vs. no session.  However 2 sessions per week for 3 weeks post surgery is ideal.

Customized Sessions

Sessions are designed based on the individual's unique set of circumstances pre- and post- surgery.  A majority of the session will include manual lymphatic drainage however other gentle like-minded techniques may be used to address the full body as the lymphatic system is throughout the entire body and brain. 

You can continue with customized massage after your recovery to promote health and wellness.

How to Prepare

Educational Support

Please wear or bring loose fitting, comfortable clothing to wear during the session.  At times, clothing may be moved or adjusted to gain better contact with the skin, for example moving the pants leg up above the knee for better skin contact to the knee.  Also, please do not wear clothing with tight bands as we want to maximize flow.  Also stay well hydrated for days before and after your sessions.

Education about self-care pertaining to self-lymphatic massage, movement, and other support techniques will be given and modified as progress is made. 

Lymphatic drainage massage helps open and clear lymph nodes and lymphatic pathways allowing lymph fluid (fluid between the cells in your tissues) to move, be filtered, and returned to the cardiovascular system.  


Stagnant lymph fluid from illness, inflammation, toxins, lack of movement, injury, or surgery can tax the immune and circulatory systems causing various symptoms and conditions.

Lymphatic drainage massage can benefit recovery from the following types of surgery:

  • orthopedic (repairs, replacement, reconstructions, etc.)

  • plastic surgery (lipo, BBL, breast augmentation/reduction/mastectomy/reconstruction, facial procedures, etc.)

  • other surgeries which result in swelling

** If you had lymph nodes removed or damaged due to surgery, radiation therapy or other reasons, it is likely that more specialized care with a lymphedema specialist to manage lymphedema is needed.  If you are in a maintenance phase of lymphedema, regular lymphatic drainage massage may help.  Please schedule a discovery call.

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