Please take a moment to thank yourself for investigating your "check engine" light.  Many of us ignore that light all too often.  


Each human is unique and should be treated and cared for their individual needs at that point in time.  Humans are whole beings, mind, body, and spirit, and addressing the whole person encourages intrinsic healing and guidance back to wellness and being in the world.

You have everything you need to feel better because your body and mind are so smart.

Lucia Health assesses body patterns that may result from injury, repetitive stress, habitual postural patterns, compensatory patterns, emotional holding patterns, scars, or trauma.  These patterns and connective tissue restrictions are determined by medical history, postural and movement assessments, and fascial testing based on biotensegrity principles.  Individualized treatments, which include a blend of light touch manual and movement therapy and integrative techniques, adjust connective tissue tension and neuro-dysregulation for a more holistic approach to providing pain relief, increased function, and bringing awareness to body systems.  

Light Touch Manual and Movement Therapy: Bowenwork® and other fascial techniques are performed over specific soft tissue points/areas to shift connective tissue tension patterns and neuro-dysregulation towards self-healing and self-regulation as well as relaxation and balance.  

Integrative Techniques: The body functions as an integrated, interrelated whole unit. These techniques will help your overall body awareness and incorporate new movement patterns, which will lead to changes in lifestyle, movement practices, and belief systems.

Healing is a matter of time, but it is also sometimes a matter of opportunity.

- Hippocrates

Wellness is a continuum ranging from death to optimal health.  


Where do you fall on this continuum?

The choices you make will influence your wellness for the REST of your life.  You are the only you!

There is also a mind-body continuum.  

Ever watch a scary movie and experience an increased heart rate?

Ever experience a room where you could have "cut the tension with a knife"?  

Ever watch a nasty hit in football and your body clenched?  

Ever experience someone who changed their behavior because they had a "change of heart"?

Can you feel someone's presence behind you as you walk down the street (without your headphones in)?

How does your body know where the end of the golf club or hockey stick is (extension of your body)?

Ever discover or been told that you have a stress-related disorder?


Our cells are listening to our thoughts and emotions.  There is a chemical conversation happening in our body that communicates to hormones, receptors, proteins, etc.  Emotions are stored in our body and move us to take actions.  For example, see snake = run fast for most of us. Thoughts and emotions affect tissue tension, neurological function, and adrenal responses.  What does a severely depressed person's posture look like to you? (forward head, forward and rounded shoulders, and hunched back perhaps to protect their heart that's emotionally hurting)


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